What is a Vonage Virtual Phone Number?

A Vonage Virtual Phone Number is a second phone number that when dialed, rings just as if someone were calling your primary phone number.

This number can be a local number in a different town, state, or county. It can be called as a local number from the town, or area the number is from.

A Virtual Phone Number is a great way to stay in contact with far away friends who aren't lucky enough to enjoy free long distance calling.

Virtual phone numbers are useful because you can choose any area code. When someone from that area code calls your virtual phone number they are connected to your standard phone, but they are not charged for long distance.

Say for example you move away from your home town, but all of your friends and family still live there. With a Virtual Phone Number you can talk to all of your friends and family back home without costing them a penny in long distance charges. It is really handy that they can initiate a free long distance phone call, even if they don't have free long distance.
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How much do Vonage Virtual Phone Numbers cost?

Virtual Phone Numbers are only $4.99 inside the US, but you can also select a Virtual International Number in Canada, Mexico or the UK for the same price. For France, Italy, Ireland and Spain they are $9.99.

How do I get a Vonage Virtual Number?

You must already have Vonage to get a virtual phone number. Start by Clicking here to sign up with Vonage to get to the Vonage web site, then click the "features" link toward the bottom of the first paragraph.

Scroll down until you find the "Add-ons" section, "Virtual Phone Number" is the second option in this category. After clicking here you can log into your Vonage Online Account and follow the instructions from there. Join the over 2 Million people who have signed up with Vonage

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