What is a Vonage 800 Number?

A Vonage 800 Number (also known as Toll Free Plus) allows people to call you at no charge from anywhere in the US. These numbers are the same as VonageVirtual Phone Numbers, except when someone calls your 800 number it is completely toll free. When you set up an 800 number it is another phone number that when dialed, the call is sent directly to your Vonage phone.

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An 800 number is great because people from all over the US can call you without having to dial a long distance number. Say for example all of your friends from college got jobs in different cities across the nation, if you have an 800 number all of these friends can call you for free.

How much does a Vonage 800 Number Cost?

Activating an 800 Number with Vonage costs $9.99 plus $4.99 a month for 100 incoming minutes. Additional minutes cost 4.9 cents each, but keep in mind that you are only charged when someone dials your 800 number. You are not charged extra for phone calls made to your standard Vonage phone number.

How do I get a Vonage 800 Number?

In order to get an 800 number with Vonage you must already have a Vonage phone account. Simply go to Vonage.com, then click the "features" link toward the end of the first paragraph.

Scroll down to the "Add-ons" section and click the fourth link down, "Toll Free Plus". Then click the "Vonage Online Account" link and follow the instructions from there.

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