What is VoIP?

VoIP goes by many names. Voice over Intenet Protocol, Ip Telephony, Broadband Phone, Internet Telephony, Broadband Telephony and Voice over Broadband. They all mean the same thing. It is the routing of Voice conversations over the Internet or through any other IP (Internet Protocol) network.

Another definition of Voice over Broadband is a way of taking analog sounds and turning them into digital data that can be tranmitted over the internet and then turning the data back into analog sounds.

Now that we have the definition how does Voice over Internet Protocol relate to you.

This realatively new technology allows Internet Telephony Companies to offer you phone services that are much cheaper than what you can purchase from your typical analog telephone company. They also normally offer free long distance, free caller ID, free voicemail, and many other options that typically have cost extra with most analog landline phone companies.

The leading companies in the Internet Telephony Industry include Skype, Bresnan Communications, Vonage.com, Packet8 and many more.

NetZero one of the largest dial up internet service providers is also offering internet Telephony. NetZero Voice: Save money on your phone bill with a brand you trust. Sign up now and get your first month free and a free headset.

Another major player in the Voice over Internet Telephony is Packet8 VoIP for only $19.99 a month.
8x8, Inc.

SunRocket, Inc.


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