Tracfone Triple Minutes for Life

Tracfone Triple Minutes for Life has just raised the bar for Prepaid phone usage. Their new Triple minutes phones allow you to use a prepaid phone with rates that are now competitive with postpaid accounts. Check for the latest Triple Minute phones.

Historically Prepaid phones were a lot more expensive to use per minute than postpaid.

The new Tracfone Triple minutes option is only available when you purchase one of the newer Tracfone Smart Phones. If you use many minutes with Tracfone buying one of these phones will pay off quickly.

Triple Minutes Payoff

The $60 Samsung 404G with Triple minutes will pay for itself in Free minutes after you have spent just $60 on phone cards. If you are buying a $30 Tracfone card every month then you will get enough extra minutes in two months to pay for your new Triple Minute Phone.

Triple Minutes for Life with the Samsung 404G!

4.44 Cents per Minute with Tracfone Triple Minutes

When you purchase the $200 one year card and add it to a Triple Minutes phone, you will be getting minutes for 4.4 cents. You will get 4500 minutes and 365 days of service. Before Triple Minutes the best rate you could get was 6.66 cents a minute with a Double Minute for Life (DMFL) phone and buying the $200 phone card.

How to Get Tracfone Triple Minutes for Life

Initially the only way to get Triple minutes is to buy one of the new Tracfone Triple phones. If you use Tracfone I strongly recommend only buying one of the Triple minutes phones. All of your minute purchases will be 50 per cent cheaper than with DMFL. TracFone Triple Minutes for Life Phones are only available online at this time. Check now at

Tracfone TMFL and Bonus Codes

Bonus Codes as of this time are not suppose to work on Tracfone Triple Minute phones. I have not yet verified that but will be checking shortly to see if that is true.

Tracfone has progressively lowered the price on their minutes. Initially they gave out bonus codes to give more minutes per dollar spent. Then they added the DMFL card to give more minutes per dollar and now the Triple Minutes for Life Phones. I believe in time they will sell a TMFL card to convert other Tracfone phones to Triple minute phones.

Again the only place you can currently puchase Tracfone Triple Phones is online at