Net10 Refill Tips

Here are a few Net10 Refill Tips that will save you money or get you extra talk time for the same price.

Crazy Net10 Phone Deal

There is a Deal on the Net10 LG 1500 phone with $25 750 minute Monthly card. This phone is $25 and it comes both with the card and it also comes with 300 minutes and 60 days of service on activation. This is a good basic flip phone.

Use Accessory code 88121 to get the free accessory kit with this phone also. You will get free freight. This phone ($25 value) and $25 Monthly Card, Accessory kit ($19.95 value) and 300 minutes and 60 days of service ($30 value) for $25.

No exaggeration this is $100 worth of Net10 phone and service for $25. Buy Two (they won't let you buy three).

Get your LG 1500, 750 minute card, 300 minutes, and Accessory kit at

Remember you will need to use Code 88121 to get the accessory kit for free.

I do not know how long this deal will last.

New Net10 Monthly 3 Cent Minutes and Unlimited

Net Ten now has two Monthly Service plans. They have the $50 Unlimited service and the $25 750 minute plan.

PAYG vs Monthly Net10

If you have been using Net10 for a while you have been using PAYG (Pay as You Go) Service. The $30 300 minute 60 day Net10 cards are PAYG. The New 750 minute 30 day and Unlimited 30 day Net10 Refill cards are Monthly Cards.

Net 10 Monthly Plans DO Not Roll Over

If you have minutes or service time left on your Net10 phone they do not roll over. When you add a monthly card to your phone the remaining balance of minutes and service will be erased.

For example you have 200 minutes and 3 days left on your PAYG service.

If you add another $30 PAYG card your remaining balances will be added to your card and your new balance will be 500 minutes and 63 days of service.

If you add a $25 Monthly card your new balance will be 750 minutes and 30 days of service.

For example you have 170 minutes and 5 days left on MONTHLY service

If you add another $30 PAYG card your new balance will be 300 minutes and 60 days of service.

If you add another $25 MONTHLY card your new balance will be 750 minutes and 30 days of service.

I hope these examples helped you understand the new Net10 Refill roll over rules.

Net 10 PAYG minutes rollover unless you add a Monthly card.Net 10 MONTHLY minutes will not roll over.

Why Buy Your Minutes Online?

There are now a couple of Online Only Deals for Net10.

There is a PAYG $100 six month 1500 minute deal that gives you 6.6 cent minutes. These minutes are PAYG so they roll over. This is the best PAYG deal for Net10 or Tracfone. Only online at the Net website.

There is also a PAYG $45 600 minute 90 day deal that gives you 7.5 cent minutes. This deal is only available online at

NET10 Nationwide Coverage

Net10 Purchase Discount Code

When you buy a Net10 Phone if you use Code 44477 to get $5 off your purchase price. Also you can get a free accessory kit for your phone by using code 88121. Normally only one code will work. The accessory kit is handy because it comes with a car charger.

Save Money with Texting

Most Phone calls will take five minutes or more. Even a quick call from the grocery store asking if there are any other items you need to pick up will take a few minutes. Actually when you push send on your Net 10 phone you will be charged for a minute even if you only talk for 30 seconds. If you talk for one minute and one second you will be charged for two minutes. The system always rounds up.

Texts will cost you .5 units to send and receive. It is the least expensive way to get a message back and forth. The Net10 refill phones with the QWERTY keyboard charge .3 units for texts.

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