The New ATT Go Phone replaces Cingular Go Phone

Cingular Go Phone is no longer but the att Go Phone has taken over where Cingular left off.

As at&t has taken over Cingular. They have continued with the Go Phone plan that has been quite successful for Cingular. The GoPhone plans have several options.

Pick your Plan"
This is a monthly plan without a contract. This plan is a little more expensive than buying a regular contract plan but you can quit without the end of contract fee you have to pay with the long term contracts. This is a great way for someone who doesn't have a cell phone to get started.

Pick your Plan from ATT Go Phone Options

$29.95 per Month Option This is a simple prepaid plan. You buy your phone and you will be charged $29.95 per month for 200 minutes 15 cents per minute. The minutes roll over if you do not use them but 15 cents per minute is high. You would be much better checking out Net 10 which uses the Att/Cingular network and is 10 cents per minute all the time.

$39.95 per Month Option

This is a much better option than the at&t Go Phone $29.95 option. You get 300 anytime minutes and 1000 night and weekend minutes. 13.3 cents per minute.

$49.95 per Month Option

This is a good deal especially if you talk a lot on nights and weekends. With this plan you get 400 anytime minutes and unlimited nights and weekend calling. 12.5 cents per minute.

$69.95 per Month att Go Phone Option

This option gives you unlimited nights and weekends and unlimited calling to other at&t cell phones. This doesn't have to be just other at&t prepaid phones. You also get 650 anytime att Go Phone minutes with this plan. 10.8 Cents per minute.

Additional Minute Usage Overage

A really nice feature about these plans is if you go over your plan minutes in a month you will pay the same minute rate that you paid for the month. You are not penalized with 40 cent per minute calls like on many Contract cell phone plans.

Rollover Minutes with at&t Go Phone

If you do not use all your minutes in a month your minutes will roll over to the next month.

Rollover Minute Strategy with At&T

If your minute usage is up and down you might sign up for a lot of minutes for a couple of months and save up some minutes on your phone. Then go back to the smaller minute plan and keep your minutes rolling forward. This way the monthly minutes you use over your plan will have been paid for at the lower minute rate from the earlier month. Att Go Phone to Home Page