Att Go Phone Pay as You Go Plans

The Att Go Phone Pay as You Go cell Phone plan could be the best Prepaid cell phone plan for you.

The Benefits of at&t PaYG
Pay as You Go Unlimited Talk

This plan offers you $1 per day unlimited calls to other at&t Cingular cell phones. You are only charged the $1 if you use the phone that day.

If you only talk to other people that are signed up with AT&T (formerly Cingular) then this plan could be really inexpensive. Any minutes to non At&t cell phones will be charged 10 cents per minute. Remember if you use your phone you will get a $1 charge for the day.

This is the best plan in Prepaid Cellular if you mainly talk to other at&t (Cingular) Cell phone users.

At&t PaYG has another option
At&t 25 cents per minute

You can also sign up for the 25 cents per minute option with the At&t Go Phone Pay as you go plan. With this plan you will pay a lot per minute but if you do not use your phone much at least you will have phone access when you need it.

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PaYG is short for Pay as You Go cellular. This is also referred to as Prepaid cell service. You do not need to have a credit check in order to buy and use a Prepaid Cell phone. You will never get a huge unexpected cell phone bill because you can only spend the money you have already put onto your phone.

Text Messages
With these plans you will be charged 5 cents both to send and receive Text Messages.

Minutes Rollover
As long as you add minutes before your time or minutes run out your minutes will roll over.