All About Alltel Simple Freedom Text Message.

It is very simple to Alltel Simple Freedom Text Message. At the current time it is 8 cents per text message both to receive and to send.

Alltel U Prepaid has 75 cents per day "Unlimited Texting" deal if your phone will be used for texting. If you don't know much about texting ask your kids. Many of them are racking up two or three thousand text messages a month. Yes that is right 2 to 3 Thousand text messages a month. Alltel-U-Prepaid has an unlimited texting option on their prepaid plan.

The Alltel Simple Freedom Text Message plan is totally separate from Alltel-U-Prepaid plans.

New Alltel Wal-Mart Simple Freedom Cell Phone Rates

Simple Freedom has finally dropped their 25 cents per minute Simply Prepaid rate to 15 cents per minute. This is not the best deal in prepaid but it depends on how you use it. The Alltel CDMA network is the best network in parts of the country.

Roaming 50 Cents per Minute---OUCH

Be very careful if your phone is on roaming you will be charged 50 Cents per minute. This will eat away at your balance very quickly. This is one of the highest roaming rates in prepaid.

Net10 and many of the Tracfone phones are one rate phone meaning NO extra roaming charges. The Tracfone phones that do charge for roaming only charge 2 times the normal rate instead of over 3 times the normal rate.

Who has a better Prepaid Cell Deal?

The T-mobile and Net10 10 cent minutes are a better deal but they only work on the GSM networks of T-mobile and/or Cingular. If you do not use a lot of minutes being able to buy a phone and then pay One Hundred dollars for 664 minutes and one year of activation might be a great option with Simple Freedom.

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