Before you Activate Tracfone Service.

Before you activate Tracfone service you need to get the best Tracfone Promotional codes.

This is very simple go to

Codes-for-Tracfone page.

Then follow the directions on how to Redeem airtime code. It is really easy and you get free minutes.

Instead of lowering Tracfone rates they are giving out better and more liberal Bonus codes. Since Tracfone eliminated the Refer-a-Friend program I believe they will lower rates significantly.

Free Tracfone Minutes Before you Add Minutes.

If you get bonus codes before you activate your Tracfone you will definitely be able to Redeem the Tracfone airtime minutes.

If you have just put minutes in the last day you will probably be able to get the minutes also. Get the Bonus code and call Tracfone Customer Service 1-800-867-7183 Tell them you were unable to get the bonus minutes when you just added your minutes and they will probably be able to add them for you.

How to Activate Tracfone.

The best deal is to go to and follow their directions. You will get an 20 free units for activating your phone online.

Your other option is to call Track phone at 1-800-867-7183 and they will walk you through it (If you call in they will only give you 10 minutes to Redeem Tracfone airtime).

Check out my Activate-Tracfone and get Free Minutes and

Minute Saving Tricks pages

Go from the activate-tracfone to Compare-prepaid-cell-phones plan Home Page.

The Best Place to Buy Tracfone Minutes and Phones.

What is the difference between Tracfone Unit and Trafone Minutes?

On many Track phones (all of the GSM phones) there isn't a difference but on the older analog phones and most of the CDMA phones Tracfone charges for Roaming, so when you are out of your home area you will be charged two "Units" for every minute used. For more information on the "One Rate-Single Rate" phones check out these pages.

Tracfone Single Rate Phones Explained

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