Walmart Tracfone Prepaid Cell Plans

The Walmart Tracfone Prepaid connection is pretty strong. Several years ago Walmart realized that the Prepaid cell phone market was going to get much bigger. They have made a big commitment to keep Prepaid phone cards and phones in stock in all of their stores.

Tracfone is the largest Prepaid Cell Phone company in the United States. They also own and Straight Talk Wireless.

Prepaid Cell Phone Definition

Prepaid Cell phones do not require you to sign a contract to use them. Normally you can purchase the phone, buy a Phone card that gives you minutes and service time, and activate your phone and it is ready to use.

Walmart Tracfone Prepaid Advantages

  • No Credit Checks
  • No Activation Fees
  • No Plan Cancelation fees, quit your service any time you want
  • No Reactivation Fees if you let your service lapse
  • Inexpensive to text at .3 units per text
  • You can only use minutes you have already paid for-No surprise billing
  • Tracfone roam the National and Regional phone company towers without extra charges for roaming
  • Best Cell phone coverage of any Prepaid Cell phone company--
  • You can get 6.6 cents per minutes service from Tracfone
  • Very inexpensive Phones as low as $9.99 at
  • Cell phone service for less than $7 per month
  • Tracfone has some of the Best Yearly Cell phone plans available
  • Tracfone Service time rolls over
  • Tracfone Minutes roll over

Walmart Tracfone Disadvantages

  • Usually higher cost per minute than contract plans
  • Fancy phones are not available for Prepaid usually
  • No Smart Phones or fancy Data Plans available
  • You usually can not get a free phone like the contract phone companies offer (you have to sign a contract to get a free phone)
Tracfone Service time and Minutes will be displayed on the phone display. You must have minutes and service time left for your phone to work.

Walmart Tracfone DMFL

Some Tracfone phones come with Double Minutes for Life (DMFL). This program gives you double the minutes that are stated on the phone card. If you add a 60 minute card to a DMFl phone you will get 120 minutes. You can purchase a DMFL card for your phone if it did not come with it. Usually you can purchase a DMFL phone for the same price as buying a DMFL card.

Tracfone Bonus Codes

You can get a 5 digit Bonus code that will give you some free Tracfone minutes when you are adding a phone card to your phone. Check out this Promo Codes for Tracfone page.

Check out Tracfone Yearly Phone plans. For $100 a year you can have cell phone usage for a year. For $200 per year you can have 3000 minutes at 6.6 cent each and twelve months to use them. This is only available at the Walmart Tracfone Website.

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