What is the Vonage SoftPhone?

Vonage SoftPhone is simple way to turn your Laptop or Desktop computer into a portable Vonage Internet Phone.

Download the Softphone software. The software adds a fully functioning Telephone interface --basically a Telephone Keypad-- onto your computer screen.

The SoftPhone keypad works just like a regular keypad only you use your mouse to click on the numbers. Then you can talk through your computer as long as it has broadband access. You will need to purchase a good headset and microphone to plug into your computer's USB port. I have seen basic headsets for $15 that plug into your speaker port and your microphone port or USB headests for around $40.

The Vonage Soft phone is a $9.99 Add on to the regular Vonage Residential Plans. It comes with another phone number for your computer and 500 local and long distance minutes per month. It is normally used to make a laptop a portable fully functioning internet phone.

Just a Little Cash Cashe

The softphone also can be used as a second Vonage mobile account. It will work almost anywhere in the world.

Compatible with either Macintosh or PC computers the Vonage Software gives you access to all the free Vonage Features. This can be really handy 500 local or long distance phone that you can take with you. No roaming charges, no International calling hassels, no trying to get your cell phone to work in china, you just need to get your computer linked up to Broadband wherever you go to use your Vonage.com Plans. Link from Vonage Softphone to Vonage.com


Vonage $24.99 a month and 1 month free 486x60