Virgin-Prepaid Day2Day Prepaid Cell Phone Service

Virgin-Prepaid Day2Day Prepaid is a normal Prepaid cell plan. It is designed to give you cell service and it can be very cheap $10.50 per month if you do not use any minutes and it is .10 per minute for the minutes you do use.

Day2Day has a daily charge of 35 cents but the minutes you use cost 10 cents.

For $20 you will get about 90 minutes a month, for $30 you will get about 190 minutes, for $40 you will get about 290 minutes.

Why use a prepaid Cell Plan?

Cell phones are very handy tools even if you do not make very many calls. I use it like a Pager(just don't answer and call back on a land line), Clock, Calendar, Phone book, Notepad, Appointment book, Calculator, Games, Alarm clock. It really is a handy tool. Some months I don't use 50 minutes but I keep it in my pocket all the time. I am extremely fond of folding phones that can fit easily into my pocket.

Prepaid Virgin Cell Phone Charges

The Minute2Minute Charges 25 cents for the first 10 minutes per day and then 10 cents per minute after that.

The Day2Day Charges start at 35 cents per day.

The Month2Month Charges start at $29.99 per month.

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Virgin Prepaid Plan Switch?

You can switch between Minute2Minute, Day2Day and Month2Month plans but if you have minutes left on the Month2Month plan they will be lost if you change plans midmonth. It would be best to time it as your month ends or you run out of minutes on the Month2Month.