Virgin-Cell Month2Month Prepaid Plan

Virgin-Cell Prepaid Month2Month is aimed at heavier minute users and also at night and weekend minute users.

Virgin Mobile prepaid Month2Month is $29.99 for your first level of usage. That includes 150 daytime minutes and 150 night and weekend minutes.

You do not need to commit to higher levels until you run out of minutes in the level you are currently in.

The next level #2 costs $10 and you get an additional 100 daytime and an additional 350 night and weekend minutes.

The next level #3 costs $10 and you get an additional 100 daytime and an additional 500 night and weekend minutes.

Level 2 and Level 3 are the benefit levels of Month-2-Month plan. Be CAREFUL Level 4 is Punishment.

The next level #4 costs $10 any you pay 20 cents per minutes 50 anytime minutes.--OUCH---

Virgin-Cell Month2Month Level 4 is a killer---Back to 20 cents per minute.

If you have run through level three minutes and the month isn't over you Probably better to go back to the Day2Day and pay 35 cents per day and 10 cents per minute for the rest of the month.

Your minutes do not roll over to the next month. Next month you start off with level one again at $29.99 for 150 D+150 N&W minutes.

The nice part of this program is you are only committed to $29.99 this month but if you want to get out of it you can, no long term contracts.

The negatives are the minutes do not roll over and after level 3, the minutes are very expensive.

Can You switch between Minute2Minute, Day2Day and Month2Month plans?

Yes but if you have minutes left on the Month2Month plan they will be lost if you change plans midmonth so it would be best to time it as your month ends or you run out of minutes on the Month2Month.

The Minute2Minute Charges 25 cents for the first 10 minutes per day and then 10 cents per minute after that.

The Day2Day Virgin Prepaid Plan Charges start at 35 cents per day.

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