ViaTalk Features

The Free ViaTalk Features that come with all ViaTalk Broadband phone service:
Enhanced Voicemail, Call Hunt, Call Record, BYOD Service Access, ViaTalk On-The-Go, Incoming Caller ID w/ Name, Outgoing Caller ID w/ Name, Custom Caller ID w/ Name, Soft Phone Access, Call Forwarding, Simultaneous Ring, e911 Support, Operator, Services, Toll Free Remote Voicemail Access, 7, 10, & 11 Digit Dialing, Call Log Passwords, Call Return (*69), Caller ID Block, 3-Way Calling, Web Based Call Logs, Free 411 Directory Service, Custom Call Blocking, Distinctive Ring, Anonymous Call Authentication, CID Privacy Exception List, Custom Outgoing Message Groups, Call Alarm / Wake-Up Call, Call Broadcasting, Internet Forwarding, Do Not Disturb, Call Waiting, Anonymous Call Rejection, Network Unavailable Forward, Free In-Network Calling, Call Waiting.

Optional ViaTalk Features include Virtual Phone Number, Toll Free Service, Fax Service, Priority Support.

A Via:Talk Virtual Phone Number allows you to have another number that rings on the same line. This number can be in another area code. For example a Carpet cleaning business can have a local number in the town 30 miles away that might be in another state and still have just one phone line to answer. Virtual numbers cost an extra $3.95 per month.

You can add a Toll Free Number to your line for $4.95 per month. These calls will cost you 5 cents per minute.

A Fax line can be added to your service for $9.95 per month.

Via Talk Priority Support is available for $1.95 per month. It will allow you to go to the front of the que when you are calling or online chatting with customer support.

ViaTalk puts customer support at the top of their priorities.