Verizon Prepaid Text Messaging

There are two Verizon Prepaid Text plans.

The Unlimited Texting to any phone text plan is $20 per month.

The unlimited texting only to other Verizon phone text plan is $10 per month.

Verizon Prepaid Text

Verizon has not promoted prepaid plans. They have not signed up many MVNOs and their own prepaid plan is expensive to use for talk. They seem to have focused on building their Contract cell phone service.

However both Verizon Prepaid Text plans are very good deals.

$10 per Month Verizon Texting Plan

The $10 per month unlimited texts to Verizon wireless customers is a great way to stay in touch. This can work very well for your child. Add $10 a month to their prepaid account and they will always be able to text you. They will get 250 text messages to any cell phone along with unlimited texts to other Verizon phones.

$20 per Month Verizon Texting

After picking one of Verizon's Prepaid Daily Plans you will want to select the $20 Unlimited texting plan. This will allow you unlimited texting to any cell phone.

With this plan if you only text, you will not be subject to the daily fees. When you answer or make a call you will be subject to the daily fee if you have chosen one of those plans.

Adding a Child to your Account vs Getting them a Prepaid Text Account

The problem with adding a phone to your account and then letting your child use it is their use can go over your minutes quickly. The extra Verizon prepaid minutes are expensive between 45 and 25 cents each depending on your plan.

With the prepaid plan your child will only be able to spend the money that has already been paid onto the account. They will not be able to run up a very large bill.

Unlimited Texting for your Child

Get your child a Prepaid Verizon phone and account and set them up with unlimited texting. When they are good put $20 in their account so they can have unlimited texting, when they aren't put $10 so you will always be able to text them.

What if my Prepaid Account runs out of money?

If you have paid for a monthly text plan and your account runs out of money you will be able to continue using your phone to text until your 30 days are up. Be sure to add funds to your account before your service ends. You may be subject to an activation fee if your phone runs completely out of time.

Texting Phones

You can text with any cell phone. For some people the slide out Qwerty keyboards are handier.

If you do a lot of texting you will probably be able to text much faster with one hand by using the speed text plan on your phone.

Almost all phones will have either "Word" or "T1" for texting. With just a little practice you will find them very easy to use.

How Verizon Prepaid Works

You will have a couple of options to choose from.

The Prepaid monthly plans are very similar to the regular contract plans.

The Prepaid Daily plans and what you use to get a Texting plan. There are $3.99 per day, $1.99 per day, $.99, and .00 per day daily plans. If you choose the .00 per day plan you will pay 25 cents per minute of talk.

You can choose any of the Prepaid Daily plans and then add the $10 per month or $20 per month Texting plan.

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