How EasyPay Verizon-pay-as-you-go Works with the most minutes available.

EasyPay Verizon-pay-as-you-go is the best Full Service Deluxe Prepaid plan availble for Prepaid.

Unlimited IN Calling to over 47 Million Verizon Customers. This is a huge feature for a Prepay Phone. You can call anyone on a Verizon phone and not use your minutes.

3000 Nights AND Weekend Minutes.

The $50 PER MONTH PLAN includes 350 anytime minutes per month to non Verizon phones.

The $70 PER MONTH plan includes all of the above and 750 anytime minutes.

Both the $50 and $70 plan have a one time $35 Activation fee.

You will need a CDMA Verizon networkable Cell phone.

Both of these plans also offer 411 Connect, Call Waiting, Call forwarding, TXT Messaging, Caller ID, Verizon Wireless Meter (R), 3 Way Calling and Voice Mail.


is a Great deal for heavy cellular users if you will be talking to other Verizon users and/or if most your minutes used are for nights and weekends.

But Be Careful Roaming is 99 cents per minute---OUCH,

The INPulse offers Unlimited NIGHT minutes vs the EasyPay plan offers 3000 Night and Weekend minutes.

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