Verizon Wireless Broadband, What is it?

Verizon Wireless Broadband uses the Verizon cell phone network to access the internet. This allows you to use your laptop or desktop computer to access the internet anywhere you get a Verizon cell phone signal.

Two ways to Broadband Access

There are two ways that you can hook your computer to the Verizon Wireless Broadband. You can use one of the new phones that is designed to be both a phone and a modem or you can use one of the Verizon Broadband Wireless cards. Verizon has a few different models of these cards. One of them will plug into a USB port. This is my favorite option because you can then easily plug it into different computers. You can also plug it into a USB cable and then move the card which is also the antenna around for potentially better access without moving your computer.

Two different Internet access speeds

Verizon has two different internet access speeds on their network. They have the new EV-DO rev-A Broadband speed of 400-800 Kbps download and 300-400 Kbps upload. This is available in 131 major markets in the United States, and this is growing.

They also have the old access EV-DO speed which is about twice as fast as most dialup when you are not in the Broadband access area but where you do have Verizon Cell coverage.

This will depend on where you are using the card. Almost all of the Verizon Network in larger metropolitan areas have the new higher speed EV-DO rev-A access.

Verizon Wireless Broadband, What does it cost?

There are a couple of pricing options available.

Buying a wireless modem to use on Verizon

If you are going to buy and use the modem you will have to sign up for 2 years at $59.95 + tax. The modem prices vary and are available either at your local Verizon Store (hightest price) through Verizon Wireless online (better price) or through LetsTalk online (best Price).Your monthly fee for access will be the same no matter where you buy the service.

Using a Verizon Phone as a Modem

If your current phone is useable as a modem you can upgrade your service for $59.95 per month and get a patch cord and use your phone as your modem. You will be kicked off the internet if your phone rings. You do not need to sign a 2 year contract to use your phone as the modem.

You can decide on this service monthly. If you are already on the family plan you could add another phone for $10 per month and then use it as the modem for $59.95 only in the months you are going to use it. This gives you the option of not signing the two year contract for $59.95 (you would be signing a two year contract at $10 per month. This would be a good option if you want to use Verizon Wireless Broadband only for a couple of months per year.

Phone as Modem vs Dedicated Modem

Either of these options will work well. I asked the Verizon customer service representative and they said that the phone works just as fast as a modem as a dedicated modem.Verizon Wireless Broadband link to Compare Prepaid Cell Phones Home page.

What makes this Verizon Wireless Broadband so handy?

You can quickly and easily move your Broadband card or phone from computer to computer.

If you travel much you will have broadband or access in most populated areas of the United States.

If you are about to move from one house to another you do not have to pay to have your broadband service moved.