Verizon-Prepaid INpulse and EasyPay Plans

Verizon-Prepaid has two categories of Prepaid plans.


offer 3000 Night and Weekend minutes with no long term Commitment and very easy payment options. You don't need to buy cards or install PINs. You can make regular payments with your charge card, Debit Card, Checking or pay with cash at any Verizon office.

Check out more information on the Verizon-Prepaid EasyPay Cell Service


are the least expensive Verizon Prepaid Plan. INpulse Plans are Pay as you go. INpuls offers unlimited Night minutes, 99 Cents a day access, and 10 cents a minute for other calls. Check out more information Verizon INpulse Prepaid Wireless Plan.

The Verizon Prepaid Phones

Verizon Wireless CDM 8910
A nice little flip phone with Camera

Kyocera KX1vA nice Speakerphone, Clamshell Design

LG VX3300
Full-Duplex Speakerphone in a nice flip phone.

LG VX6100
One of the latest Flip Phones with Embedded CMOS Type VGA Digital Camera with Flash and up to 4x Digital Zoom Gallery -stores up to 60 photos

Samsung SCH-a630
Two way Text messaging Capable

Verizon has a very nice variety of phones for their prepaid service. Some of these phones offer Cameras. They are making more phones available to prepaid.

The Advantage of Verizon INpulse and EasyPay Cell Service

No Contract
No Credit Check
No Security Deposit
Your phone is on the Verizon Network.

The Problem with Verizon Prepaid

With either INpulse or EasyPay plans from Verizon you will pay a lot more to purchase and use your phone than if you sign a 2 year contract.

These plans work pretty well if you are mainly talking to other Verizon users. If this isn't the case you will pay a lot less for other Prepaid Cell services like Net 10 or T-Mobile.