Verizon-Letstalk Which Website is A Better Buy?

Verizon-Letstalk both sell Verizon Cell phones and Verizon Cell Service.

In almost every comparison the Letstalk website is cheaper than the Verizon Wireless website. On many of the fancier phones it is $100 to $150 cheaper to buy from Letstalk than from the Verizon Wireless website.

Monthly Cell Phone Rates

The plans are the same price per month on both the Verizon and the LetsTalk websites(and if you go into the local Verizon office the Monthly plan rate will be the same). The difference is the final price for the phones will usually be $100+ less if you buy from LetsTalk.

Verizon Wireless Phones from Verizon-LetsTalk

Free cell phones. Great rate plans.


The initial price will sometimes be the same if you buy from the Verizon site or the LetsTalk site. The difference is often you can get a significant rebate from the LetsTalk website.

LetsTalk Rebate Fine Print

Pay close attension to the fine print on any rebate plan. Normally you will need to send in copies of the 4th month's invoice, Purchase invoice and several pieces of information.----It is easy to do and it pays $100 or more for your footwork.

9/18/2007 update:The rebates have gotten easier to get from LetsTalk. The initial deal (before rebate) from LetsTalk have become significantly better than the deals offered by the Verizon Wireless website. The benefit of buying from LetsTalk is usually still around $100.

The Most Expensive Verizon Phone

The most expensive way to buy a Verizon phone is to go to your local Verizon office. The next most expensive would be to go to the Verizon Wireless website. It is quite easy and the cheapest way to buy a Verizon cell phone is through the LetsTalk website. You can use the convenient Chat option or call LetsTalk Customer Service or order completely from the website.

Future Cell Phone Purchases

When cell phones first came to market we all needed to be educated. How does this work, what does it cost, how do I save a phone number, how do I text message, all of the basic questions. The human touch to answer those questions was necessary. Now the average person no longer needs the hand holding. It is all mainly how much will it cost. The fancy facilities on main streets that the cell phone companies rent cost a lot. Customer service from a website or over the phone is much less expensive. That is the future. Phones will be sold off shelves at major retailers and over the internet. Phones will become even more of a commodity. If you want the personal service you will pay more than if you buy off a website.

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