Comparing Verizon Contract Vs LetsTalk

I just did a Comparison Purchase of a Verizon Contract VS LetsTalk Contract Phone. I priced the same phone (the HTC Droid) from the Verizon Wireless website and from the LetsTalk website. LetsTalk is one of the largest online cell phone vendors and is an authorized Verizon Wireless Dealer.

December 26, 2009The Phone I compared was the HTC Droid. This phone is as very popular new smartphone which uses the Google Android operating system.

This is the Verizon/LetsTalk Picture of the HTC Droid Eris.

To Purchase from LetsTalk you would have to prepay your first month of service and the phone is Free.

To Purchase the same phone from Verizon Wireless you would have to pay the first months service and the phone will be $99.00.

I have compared purchasing from either Verizon Wireless or Lets Talk with several different phones. LetsTalk is usually $50 to $100 cheaper to purchase the nicer phones. The monthly contract prices from both companies will be the same.

Activation FeesBoth LetsTalk and Verizon Wireless waived the activation fee.

If you are looking to change to a new Verizon Contract check out both the Verizon Contract VS LetsTalk Pages. Also check out what deal you can get at Verizon Wireless but my bet is on LetsTalk.