Can you Unlock a Tracfone?

Yes you can Unlock a Tracfone, but it is more complicated than that. The keys to unlocking a Nokia cell phone are available online and people have used them to unlock their Nokia Tracfones. You will be able to get it to work with another network but only while you have Tracfone minutes left on your phone. The minutes will tick off as you use your phone on the other network and the phone shuts off when you run out of Tracfone minutes.

There is another level of memory in cell phones called the Flash/enterprise level. This level is where the manufacturer stores Tracfone's software that locks the phone so it won't work without minutes. This is also where the basic software to run the phone is installed. It is hard to Unlock a Tracfone at the Flash/enterprise level of memory and get the phone to work again. If you delete this software and do not have the replacement software it is likely you have killed your phone.

The Real answer to Can you Unlock a Tracfone is No. The other point is it probably isn't worth it anyway. The Tracfone models are not salable in the US unlocked for enough to pay for the energy exerted to unlock them.

Tracfone Business Plan

The Tracfone business plan has been to sell their phones below cost but then make it up by selling more minutes.

This business plan follows the old Polaroid example of give away the camera and make money on the film.

The problem with this model is there are a few companies that have purchased thousands of these underpriced phones. Then they have figured out how to Unlock a Tracfone, reprogrammed the phones and shipped them to other countries where they are sold at a profit.

The standard business model for the Cell Phone business in countries other than the US/Canada is the prepaid model. You have a GSM phone normally and you buy a SIM card with minutes and install it.

Tracfone has been trying to fight unlocking and selling their phones internationally in court. Recently they ran into a court ruling that pretty much says "you sold it, the purchaser has the rights to do anything they want with it".

This really isn't as big a deal as Tracfone is making it. They can modify their pricing model a little bit and still do fine. They can raise the price of their phones and lower the price of their minutes.---I believe they are fighting a battle they don't need to.

When Tracfone initially started Net10 they were using the buy the phone at or near cost and buy minutes cheaply model. I believe this is the same model they will eventually go to with Tracfone.

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