Unlimited Prepaid Texting

There is a secret that the big Wireless companies are not advertising. Unlimited Prepaid Texting. This can be a great way to keep connected without a large monthly phone bill. Many kids want to do a lot of texting but at 5 cents ot ten cents each it adds up quickly. 2,000 to 5,000 texts in a month is not unusual for kids to use.

$10 per Month Unlimited Prepaid Texting?

*Verizon Wireless Prepaid* You can have unlimited texting limited to any Verizon Wireless customer for just $10 per month.

You will need to set your Verizon Wireless phone up as a prepaid phone. Any regular Verizon phone that is no longer on contract will work. Or you can purchase a Verizon Prepaid phone to use for as little as $29. Talk Minutes will be 25 cents each with the basic Verizon Prepaid plan.

Wireless from AT&T

*At&t Go Phone* You can have 1000 texts per month for $10 with At&t and they can be to any phone. While it is not Unlimited Texting, 1000 texts is quite a few. Purchase an AT&T Go Phone (they have very good deals on Go Phone Packages) and choose the Simple Plan option. If you do use this phone to talk the cost per minute on the Simple plan with 1000 texts is 10 cents per minute.

$15 per Month Unlimited Texting

T-Mobile has a Monthly plan with Unlimited Texting to any cell phone for $15 per month. Buy a T-Mobile prepaid phone and add a prepaid card. Then choose the $15 per month Unlimited Text plan. Calling minutes on this plan are 10 cents.

$20 per month Unlimited Prepaid Texting

Both Verizon and At&t have $20 per month Unlimited texting plans. With either of these plans you can text to any phone. Neither of these companies push these plans, they both have them.

This is a very inexpensive way to have unlimited conversations. For school kids this can be a very inexpensive alternative to $50 or $80 unlimited calling plans.

At&T vs Verizon $20 Unlimited Texting

The prepay phones and starter plans from At&t are less expensive than the prepaid starter plans from Verizon. I would choose between them depending on who has better coverage in the area the phone will be used. T-Mobile at only $15 per month is the best deal if you have good T-Mobile coverage in your area.

Check out the AT&T Prepaid Go Phones and Get Unlimited Prepaid Texting for $20 per month and 10 cent minutes


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Here is an Overview of the different Prepaid Unlimited Texting plans from Verizon, T-Mobile and At&t.