The Best Tracphone Minute Saving Tricks

  1. Activate your free Tracphone Voice mail by using a land line. You may have to go in and change your PIN from your tracfone. You can reset your message and set your preferences from a land line once you have reset your PIN.
  2. Check your Tracfone wireless voicemail from a landline.

  3. Put in your voicemail message that you don't check your voicemail and that you will call back when you get the number on your phone. Voicemail takes a lot of minutes to check with your cell phone and beeps at you until you check it.
    Lg 200c, Kg 3280, LG cg225 Camera Phone, Nokia 2126 from Tracfone
    Lg 200c, Kg 3280, LG cg225 Camera Phone, Nokia 2126 from Tracfone

  4. With my latest Tracfone I did not set up my voicemail. That way I don't get messages left. The caller ID gives me the number of my last 10 phonecalls.

  5. Use the caller ID function on your Tracfone like a pager. Do not answer calls from friends and relatives if you are near a land line. Just call them right back.
  6. Hang up within 15 seconds if who you are calling doesn't answer right away. Then you aren't charged for a minute. If they have caller ID they will usually call you right back. This doesn't work with all of the Tracfones. Some of the GSM phones charge you for a minute as soon as you push the send button.
  7. Always check online for bonus minute codes when you are adding airtime. Check my Tracphone Minute Codes Page for Bonus Codes. Often you can get an extra 40 to 200 minutes depending on what card you are adding.
  8. Do not buy Tracfone minutes. Normally if you go to the website and buy a Track Phone you can get more minutes for less money than buying minutes.

    Buy your phones from Tracfone

    Usually the best deal on phones is from Normally the best way to buy a Tracfone is to buy the Tracfone Minute card that comes with a free phone. Only use Tracfones that come with DMFL or already have DMFL installed.

    Activate your Tracfone

    Be sure to activate the phone before you sell it. That way Tracfone will not cut you off from buying phones from their website. You can only buy 3 Tracfones from the website at a time. You can go right back and order 3 more. If you wait until your first order has been processed you will not be able to order more phones until you have activated the phones you bought.


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