How to Setup Tracfone Voice Mail

It is easy to setup Tracfone Voice Mail. The only way to setup your voicemail now is to call from your Tracfone. Go to and click on the Setup "Voicemail" on the upper left of the homepage. Then Follow the directions.

With my last phone I was able to do this from a landline. On my latest phone that is not an option. I don't know if it is different with different phones or with the different networks that your Tracfone may be on.

I cannot check my voicemail with my latest Tracfone from a landline, I have to use my Tracfone. Again I could do this with my previous Tracfone so I am not sure if it is my new phone or my network.

I have opted to not setup my voicemail because then when you call and don't get me the message is "The person with this number has not yet set up their voicemail." I do not like wasting Tracfone Minutes listening to voicemail.

TracFone Voice Mail Setup at

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