What are Tracfone Texting Rates?

Tracfone Texting Rates are significantly different with different phones. Most of the CDMA and TDMA phones charge you .5 units in and .5 units out. Phones that charge .5 in and out are Nokia 5100, 1221, 2285, 2126, ant the Motorola C343, V60, 180.

Most of the GSM Phones charge .3 units in and .3 units out. Track Phones that charge .3 in and out are Nokia 1112, 2126i, Motorola C139, C261, V176, and the CDMA LG 3280 Flip Phone,

A few Tracfones are Free to receive and .3 units to send. These are Noki 1100, 2600, 3390, Motorola V170, C155.

Warning these texting rates are not guaranteed by me and they are not stated on the Tracfone website. I learned this from a Web group and I am not certain it is all correct.

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