How do the Tracfone Single Rate Phones Work?

The Tracfone Single Rate phones are becoming more common. Tracfone now is selling two types of phones, GSM and CDMA. When they first started selling the GSM phones they were "One Rate" and the CDMA phones were not. A "One Rate" Tracfone is different because it will only charge you one unit for any phone call, it doesn't matter if you are roaming, calling long distance, or calling Internationally. That is right even International Long Distance is "One Rate" on these phones. Also Single Rate phones you are charged .3 units for texting instead of .5. You must call Tracfone and set up your Track Phone for International calling (a very simple task).

Which Tracfones are "Single Rate"?

All of the GSM phones are One Rate. This means all calls made from this Phone will be one unit per minute. This Includes the

Motorola C261 Camera Phone,

Motorola C139,

Motorola V170 Flip Phone,

Nokia 1100 Candy Bar Style,

Nokia 2600, Motorola C155,

Motorola V176,

Nokia 3390,

Nokia 1112.

At this time I believe the only "Single Rate" CDMA Tracfone is the LG3280.

Most of the new Tracfones being sold are "Single Rate". If you use your phone outside of your local area this is important.

Which Tracfones are NOT "Single Rate"?

Most of the CDMA and all of the non Digital phones that Tracfone sells are not "Single Rate". This means that Text messaging is .5 units each and that while roaming you will pay 2 units per minute spent on the phone.

The Digital Nokia 2126,

Nokia 5180i,

Nokia 2285,

Motorola 120,

Motorola C60i,

Nokia 2285,

Nokia 1221,

Motorola 343.

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