Tracfone Refill Tips

Tracfone Refill Tips can save get you a lot of extra minutes when buying Tracfone Minutes. Tracfone is the Largest Prepaid Cell Phone company in the United States. You will need to Refill your Tracfone Phone before your minutes or service time run out.

Use Bonus Codes

Using Tracfone Bonus codes can lower your cost per minute. Often you can get a 30 minute bonus code to work on a $30 card. Usually you can get a 200 or 250 minute bonus on a $100 Tracfone card. Check out Promotional Bonus Codes for Tracfone for the latest updated list of codes.

Buying Bigger Cards means Lower Cost per Minute.

The bigger the Tracfone Refill card normally the cheaper the minutes. The $10 card (only at equals 33/17 cents per minute, $20 card 60/120 equals 33/17 cents per minute, $30 card 120/240 equals 25/13 cents per minute, $40 card 200/400 equals 20/10 cents per minute, $80 card 450/900 equals 17.6/8.8 cents per minute, $160 card 1,000/2,000 equals 18/8 cents per minute,

The $200 Tracfone Refill card 1,500/3,000 gives you 13.2/6.6 cents per minute.(only available at

The slash indicates the cost per Tracfone minute without/with DMFL.

Buy Minutes Online

Currently it is cheaper to get minutes from the Web Only Specials than buying the Tracfone cards at Walmart or Target, etc.

PIN Number vs Bonus Code vs Purchase Discount Code

Pin Numbers are what you purchase to get more minutes. They will be a 15 digit number.

Bonus codes will add a few extra minutes if you enter them while you are adding a PIN Number.

There are two Tracfone Purchase Discount Codes that work when you are buying a new phone or a new phone with card. Under $25 purchases you will get $3 off with 23444. Over $25 purchases 44477 will get you a $5 discount. These Discount codes only work at

Tracfone Roll Over

Tracfone Minutes and Service time roll over as long as you keep your service active. Normally if your service expires and you renew within 30 days you will keep your remaining balance.

If you add a Tracfone Refill phone card while you still have minutes and service left the Minutes and service time will add to your current balances.

Many Prepaid cell phone plans like Verizon Prepaid, Straight Talk Prepaid and Net10 Monthly Prepaid do not roll over Minutes or Service time.

Tracfone Refill Tips

Tracfone DMFL

What is Tracfone DMFL? You can add a Double Minutes For Life (DMFL) card to your phone and every time you add a Tracfone Minute card to your phone it will double the stated minutes on the card. The 120 minute card will add 240 minutes or the 1500 minute card will add 3000 minutes.

It will save you a lot of money if you get DMFL on your phone before you add a minute card.

DMFL and Bonus Codes

If you have DMFL on your Tracfone and you use a Bonus Code for an extra 30 minutes the bonus minutes will not be doubled. For example if you add a 120 minute card with DMFL and use a bonus code for 30 minutes you should get 120+120+30=270 minutes.

Many of the new Tracfones come with DMFL. Often you can purchase a new phone with DMFL at for less than adding a DMFL card to your phone will cost at

Get a Samsung T301G phone for $29.99, an Accessory Kit and receive double Tracfone Refill minutes for life!.

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