Is the Tracfone Nokia 2126 the best Trackphone?

The Tracfone Nokia 2126 is the best value in a CDMA Tracfone. There are several things I like about the 2126. It is very small, it easily fits in the front pocket of my jeans.

Nokia 2126i

Tracfone is now selling the Nokia 2126i pay as you go cell phone. This phone looks exactly like the 2126 but has a couple of benefits to users. The 2126i is a single rate phone. This means you will only pay one unit per minute when you are roaming with the Nokia 2126i. The original Nokia 2126 charges two units per minute for roaming. Also the original 2126 charges .5 units in and out per text message and the 2126i charges .3 in and out.

How to Lock your Nokia 2126

If you push the "Menu" (top left button) and the the "*" (bottom left button) you will lock the keyboard. This will keep the phone from accidentally dialing out as it gets bumped in your pocket or purse. Fear not it is easy to unlock. Just hit the same two buttons in the same order and the keyboard is unlocked. Check out the Tracfone Nokia 2126 on the Tracfone website.

Nokia 2126 Flashlight

The 2126 has a really handy flashlight. It is a LED light that is mounted in the on/off switch on the top of the phone. To turn it on you push the up arrow (the top middle button) twice. To turn it off you push the same button once. This is really handy in fact I have even used it in my office trying to hook cables up on the back of my computer under my desk. If you have a flashight with you all the time it is amazing how much you will use it.

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Where will the Tracfone Nokia 2126 Work?

If where you live has good coverage by Verizon, Alltel or US Cellular the Nokia 2126 will work. You will only be able to purchase the 2126 from Tracfone if you live in an area that does not have coverage by At&t (formerly Cingular) or T-Mobile. Tracfone will only sell the GSM phones in areas that get good coverage by both CDMA and GSM phones. I believe the best deal Tracfone gets on minutes is from AT&T.

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