What is a Tracfone Net10 Sim Card?

What is a Tracfone Net10 Sim Card. All GSM cell phones use a SIM Card. The Sim card is a little computer chip that is installed in the phone usually under the battery. This chip holds the information in your phone as to how many minutes you have and when your activity time needs to be renewed.

The main networks in the United States that use GSM are Cingular and T-Mobile. The one rate Tracfone phones are GSM phones and all the Net10 phones at this time are GSM phones. Tracfone-Net10 GSM phones operate on the Cingular and T-Mobile networks. That is why you cannot get a Net10 or a one rate Tracphone if you live in an area that doesn't have service from either T-mobile or Cingular.

With most GSM phones you can pull the Sim Card out and put it in another phone and it will work. This is not true with Tracfone-Net10 cell phones. When you activate them the Sim card is registered with that phone and will only work with that phone.

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