Tracfone Mistakes You Do Not want to Make!

This list is of the most common Tracfone Mistakes.

Buying a Tracfone without Unlimited Double Minutes

The Unlimited Double Minutes Tracfone will always get you double the minutes listed on the Tracfone minute card. You will be money ahead by buying a Tracfone phone with DMFL included. Most of the new Tracfones now come with DMFL.

Lg 600 G from Tracfone with wall charger
The new LG 600g Bluetooth phone from Tracfone Mistakes

Adding minutes to a Tracfone without DMFL

Unless you use less than 20 minutes per month it is much cheaper to use your Tracfone if it has DMFL. You will save as soon as you add your first card to your Tracfone with DMFL.

Not using Tracfone Bonus Codes

It is simple to use Tracfone Bonus codes when you add a minute card to your phone and you will receive between 20 and 200 minutes extra depending on the Promo code you use. Tracfone Mistakes link to Tracfone Bonus Codes.

The Bonus code will always have 5 digits.

Buy a W370 with 450 (900) minutes or a LG 225 and One year card now at TracFone and save. Update now to a Tracfone DMFL Phone and Save.

Buying a DMFL card

I do not recommend buying an Unlimited Doubler card for your phone. You can usually purchase a phone with the DMFL installed for less than buying the DMFL card.

Buying $20 TracFone Cards if you talk a lot.

It is always cheaper per minute to purchase larger denomination Tracfone cards. The lowest cost per minute currently is the $80 four hundred fifty minute card. This comes to 8.88 cents per minute if you have a phone with DMFL. If you use Promo codes you will get the minutes even cheaper.

Buying the Tracfone Extended Warranty Tracfone Extended Warranty

The Extended Warranty for your Tracfone costs $20 per year and is not a good value. Myexperience with Tracfone phone problems has been resolved byTracfone sending me a new phone without having the warranty. The Tracfone phones are cheap enough that the warranty is not a good value.

Still using a Tracfone without DMFL?

Several phones are available with Unlimited Double Mintes:
LG 225 camera phone with Unlimited Double Minutes
Motorola W370 with DMFL
Motorola W376g Bluetooth With DMFL
Lg 600g Bluetooth with DMFL
Motorola C261 with DMFL
Lg 3280 with DMFL
Buy a phone card that comes with a free DMFL Phone. This will eliminate some of your Tracfone Mistakes.

Motorola W370 next to the LG 225.
The Motorola W370 next to the LG 225

The Best Tracfone Deals Right Now

The TracFone Motorola W370 with the 450 minute (900 with DMFL) for $80.

The Tracfone Lg 225 with One year Card and 400 (800 with DMFL) for $100 are the best deals. I just bought one of these for a friend and I was able to get 1120 minute with Bonus Code 55118.

You will have to purchase minutes as soon as you buy the phone. These two deals are the best value for minutes and you get a free DMFL phone with the minutes. Tracfone Mistakes

Buy a W370 with 450 (900) minutes or a LG 225 and One year card now at TracFone and save. Update now to a Tracfone DMFL Phone and Save.


My Mothers Cell Phone
My Mothers Cell Phone for years was an Alltel contract Phone. I just gave her a new Prepaid Cell Phone.

The Tracfone LG 225 is the First Camera Flip Phone.
The New Tracfone LG 225 Camera Phone comes with Double minutes for life. Is this the best Tracfone Prepaid Cell Phone for You?

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