Check out the New Tracfone Insider

Check out the New Tracfone Insider program. Tracfone has ended the very popular refer-a-friend program. The old program was susceptible to abuse so it was terminated. It was a great way to get free minutes. I had over 2,000 minutes on a phone that I had never installed a card on. Sadly it has ended.

20 Free Minutes and More to Come

Tracfone Insider is the new bonus program I believe they will use to replace Refer-a-friend. Just for signing up you will get 20 free minutes. You have to open an account and register your Tracfone ESN. You need to give them your email address and a little bit of personal information (I used an alias see Spam email below). I believe they will make it worth your while. They put the 20 minutes on your account so the next time you add minutes to your phone you will get a bonus of 20 minutes above and beyond the minutes and bonus codes you buy. These 20 minutes will not be doubled by the Tracfone Doubler Card.

I Have a Spam Email Account

I have an account at Yahoo that I give out to places I believe will mainly send me advertisements. I only occasionally check this account but I have gotten some good information occasionally from it. I don't worry about deleting spam or anything else, I just scan the messages once in a while and open the ones that I might be interested in. With the new free Monster 1 gig+ storage it is really easy.

Another email Trick I use is I use an Alias for information that might be interesting. I use different alias's for different industries. So if they are calling me Rock, or Ron, or Rob I know where the information started.---

Yes I gave Tracfone Insider my spam account but I will keep an eye out for bonus Tracfone codes or any specials they might be offering.

Normally you will get the best deal on a phone if you buy online from Tracfone.

Tracfone Insider link to buy phones at TracFone Wireless

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