Tracfone Double Minutes for Life

Tracfone has a new $50 Tracfone Double Minutes for Life (DMFL) card. This option will double the minutes on all Tracfone minute cards you put in your phone.

The W370 Now includes DMFL.

DMFL Rates

If you add a Tracfone Double Minutes for life to your phone the $20 60 minute cards 33.33 cents per minute become 16.66 cents per minute. The $30 120 minute becomes 240 minutes 12.5 cents a minute. The $40 200 minutes becomes 400 minutes 10 cents a minute.

TracFone Minutes under 10 Cents

New $80 450 minute card ( Website only) with DMFL 8.88 cents per minute. With this new option Tracfone breaks the 10 cents a minute without using bonus codes. Buy a LG 225 phone at TracFone and get $30 off, plus double minutes, an accessory kit and free shipping!

3,000 Minutes and One year for $200

Just recently added to the Tracfone Minute options is the option to purchase 3,000 minutes and one year of Service for $200. You will only get 1,500 minutes if you do not have DMFL.

You must DMFL

If you use your Tracfone you must DMFL. The payback is quick. If you have a very basic phone I do not recommend buying the DMFL card. You can buy a phone with DMFL for $50 (the same price as buying the card). The Motorola W370 in some areas and the LG3280 in other areas are both for sale for $50 and come with DMFL. Check out the latest Tracfone Deals at

The Best Tracfone Deal

Spend $50 and buy a New W370 or Lg 3280 AND buy one of the Two'fer deals for $20. This will give you two 60 minute cards. Put the 60 minute cards into your DMFL phone and use bonus codes. You can end up with 60+60+60 minutes on each card. You can end up with 360 minutes and 270 days of service time for a total of $70. And you end up with a really nice flip phone. Buy a Motorola W370 and get Double Minutes for Life.

Do Not Buy DMFL Card

I do not recommend buying the DMFL Card. Buy a new Motorola W370 phone with the DMFL already installed for the same price as adding the DMFL card to your phone. Get a new Motorola W370 with TracFone Double Minutes for life for as little as $49.99.

Picture of the Motorola W370 cell Phone
Motorola W370 from Tracfone with DMFL

DMFL Bonus Codes

When they first started selling this card the Tracfone bonus codes would not work when you had DMFL on your phone. Now most bonus codes work on Tracfones with DMFL. They bonus minutes will not be doubled but the minutes on the card will be doubled and you will often get the bonus minutes also.

If you use the Free Tracfone bonus codes on the 60 minute cards you will get even more minutes.

Link from Tracfone Double Minutes for Life Comparison to the Latest Tracfone Bonus Codes.