Tracfone-Prepaid Cell Phone

Tracfone-Prepaid Wireless Cell Phone network is the largest in the United States. They are headquartered in Miami, Florida.

They are currently the only cellular phone company with cellular access in every zip code in the US.

Tracfone does not own their own cell towers, they rent air time from Cingular, T-Moble for GSM networks and Verizon and Alltel for CDMA cell phones.

This has allowed them to grow to over 6 million customers by December of 2005.

They are the largest Virtual Cell Phone Network and the largest Prepaid network in the US.

How Tracfone Works.

Tracfone-Prepaid Cellular Service is very simple for you to use. You buy a new or refurbished Wireless Tracphone. Then you Activate your tracfone either by going to or by Calling Tracfone at 1-800-867-7183. If you activate online you will get 20 free minutes if you activate by calling Tracfone from a landline you will get 10 minutes. Then you buy and and add minutes.

Only Tracphone cell phones work on their network.

All of their phones have a handy readout with access date and minutes left.

The minute cards are available at most major retailers including K-Mart Tracphone, Walmart Tracfone, Safeway Track phone, Target Tracfone, and at many Convenience stores like 7-Eleven Track Phone, Wal-Mart, or Holiday.

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