Tracfone LG 200c Review and Compare

The new Tracfone LG 200c is one of the latest CDMA phones available from Tracfone.

The Lg 200c uses the LGIP-431c 800mAH 3.7 volt Lithium Ion Battery. The sticker on the back of my phone also says "Qualcomm 3G CDMA" and "OTA capable". There is an LG Data/programming port on the left side of the phone. I do not think it works, normally Tracfone and Net10 disable their data ports.

Buying a CDMA Tracfone or Net10 Phone

If you live in an area where Net10 and Tracfone only offer GSM phone (phones with SIM cards) you can order a CDMA phone by using the 59601 zip code. Go to the Website and use 59601 as your home zip code, you will have to verify your shipping address zip code and the website will ask you about your zip code but it works well. If you prefer the LG 200c or Lg 3280 or a phone working on the Verizon network this is an easy way to get one.

LG 200c battery and back of phone.

Lg 200c Battery
LG 200c Side view of Data Port
Picture of the data port

This new prepaid cell phone is the lightest Tracfone I have yet put my hands on. I have pictures several prepaid phones here and I have them organized from the heaviest on the left to the lightest on the right. I have a digital Gram scale that I weighed the Tracfones.

Tracfone Weights

Several phones including the Motorola V60i 116 grams, Nokia 1221 106g, Motorola W370 98g, Motorola Razr GSM T-Mobile 97g, Motorola C261 Camera Phone 94g, LG 3280 93g, Nokia 2126i 86g, LG 200c 84g.
Left to Right Motorola V60i 116 grams, Nokia 1221 106g, Motorola W370 98g, Motorola Razr GSM T-Mobile 97g, Motorola C261 Camera Phone 94g, LG 3280 93g, Nokia 2126i 86g, LG 200c 84g.

The new Tracfone LG 200c pay as you go flip phone has a single color display and features text messaging, caller ID, call waiting, voicemail and multi-language support.

The games included are Sudoku Puzzle and Reversi. The phone book holds up to 300 entries, ring tones, clock with alarm, calculator and tip converter. The hands-free speaker phone is just one touch to activate (while talking push the up arrow on your display and it will go to speaker phone).

You can set it to vibrating alert or a ton of different ring tones. Hearing aid compatible (HAC) rating M4.

This phone does not have a camera or Blutetooth capability. Buy a LG 225 at TracFone and get double minutes for the life of the phone!

Silence the Ring

You can set your LG 200c to vibrate instead of ring. When it does ring and you open the phone the volume of the ring will drop. You can push the Red end button on the phone and the ringing will stop without answering the phone. You can set your Tracphone LG 200c to answer automatically after 5 seconds, answer when you open the phone, or answer when you open the phone and hit any of the buttons except the Red end call button.

Cell Phone Airplane Mode

You can also go to airplane mode and you can still play games on the phone. You cannot receive or send calls. You can access your Contact List and do almost anything else with the phone except make and receive calls or texts or emails.
Tracfone LG 3280 on the left and the LG 200c on the right
Lg 3280 on the left and Tracfone Lg 200c on the right.
Tracfone LG 3280 on the left and the Net10 LG 200c on the right
Tracfone Lg 3280 on the left and Lg 200c on the right.

Comparison LG 3280 and Tracfone Lg 200c

The LG 200c has a little bigger keyboard than the LG 3280 and much bigger than the Nokia 2126i. The single Screen is the same size as the screen on the LG 3280. There are no external buttons on the LG 200c which are handy on the Lg 3280 for silencing the ring. This phone fits into my pockets better than my LG 3280 because it does not have the antenna stalk. It is a little bit thinner and the case is more rounded.

Charging the LG 200c

The LG charging system for both the 3280 and the 200c has a long thin plug that clips into the bottom of the phone. This is a real positive connection that works well.

Text messaging with the Tracfone LG 200c

Simple to text with T9 or standard mode. It is also really easy to change between ABC mode and T-9 mode while you are texting with this phone.

Single Rate Tracfone

The LG 200c will use the Verizon, Alltel or US Cellular CDMA Cell networks when activated. Single Rate (one unit per minute) for every call on your LG 200c local, long distance, roaming and international long distance (ILD) included.

Tracfone LG 200C pictures

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Left to right Motorola Razr, LG 3280, Nokia 2126, Tracfone LG 200c.

Buy a Tracfone LG 200c and get a great Pay as you go CDMA Tracfone Flip Phone!