Comparing Tracfone GSM vs Tracfone CDMA Phones

Tracfone GSM vs CDMA Phones What is the difference?

Tracfone CDMA phones work on the Verizon, Alltel and US Cellular CDMA networks.

The Tracfone GSM phones work on the AT&T and T-Mobile GSM networks.

Under most circumstances if At&t or T-Mobile has service in your area then the only Tracfones you will be able to buy in your area will be GSM Tracfones.

Buying a CDMA Tracfone

If you live in an area that Tracfone only sells GSM phones you can still purchase a CDMA phone. Go to and put in a zip code where AT&T phones do not work. Currently 59601, 59801, 59804, 59101 zip codes will only offer CDMA phones. These phones will use the Verizon and US Cellular networks for making calls. In some areas you will have much better coverage with a CDMA phone than a GSM Phone. If you vacation in an area that does not have good GSM coverage it might work better to get a CDMA phone.

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Most of the fancier phones that are offered by Tracfone are GSM phones.

Buying a GSM Tracfone

If you live in an area where Tracfone sells the CDMA phones you will probably not get good coverage with a GSM phone. If you still want a GSM phone you can get one online by putting in 99201 as your zip code. Also you could use any of the big cities around where you will be using the phone and get a more local area code. With GSM phones the area code is set in the SIM card when you buy the phone.

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Summary of Tracfone GSM vs Tracfone CDMA

Tracfone GSM vs Tracfone CDMA

Tracfone GSM and CDMA phones are available by using different zip codes. 59801 will get you a CDMA Tracfone and 99201 will get you a GSM Tracfone.

Net10 CDMA vs GSM Zip Codes Also

This same zip code trick will work with Net10 to get a CDMA phone if you live in a GSM area or to get a GSM phone if you live in a CDMA area.

59801, 59601, 59101 will get you a CDMA Net10 phone and 99201 will get you a GSM Net10 phone.

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