I am much fonder Tracfone-Flip-Phones than any of the non-folding (candy bar) style.
Normally a flip phone is much smaller to carry than a non folding phone.

I carry mine in my left front blue jean pocket continuosly.

A major benefit is in your pocket or purse the folders don't accidentally dial.

If you do a lot of text messaging the flip phones sit nicely in your hand and work well.

The Motorola V60i Motorola V60i and the Motorola V170 are no longer the only flip phones available from Tracfone. The CDMA LG 3280 is a great addition. The CDMA LG 200c and GSM LG 225 are now available also.

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This Picture shows the New LG CG225 Camera Phone.

Folding Phones tend to be a little more expensive than the regular phones although sometimes you are able to get them Refurbished for about the same price as the clunky non folding Candy Bar models.

Recently at the Tracfone Website I was able to get a Free Motorola V170 that had been refurbished with the purchase of a $50 phone card. When I got the Refurbished Tracfone-Flip-Phones the only way I could tell it wasn't new was the Refurbished sticker on the outside of the box. It looked absolutely new and one of the best Tracfone-Flip-Phones.

Motorola W370 Flip Phone

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When I bought my first Motorola Flip phone I realized how much handier it is to be able to put my phone in my blue jean front pockets.

I will only buy Flip phones. I won't go back to a regular phone that doesn't cover the keyboard unless I am desperate. I had the Motorola 120 and it worked great. But the flip phone is so much handier.

Tracfone will only sell the phone that will work best on the network that they use in your local area. In some areas they don't always have flip phones available. Keep checking back at the Tracfone Website to see what is available.

The New Tracfone LG 3280 Flip Phone and How does it Rate

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We Compare the Tracfone LG 3280 at to the other Track Phone Flip Phones. This is the finest CDMA folding Tracfone.

The Tracfone Nokia 2126 is a Great Phone.

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The Tracfone Nokia 2126 is a great little phone. Is it the best Pay as you go CDMA Trafone? Will the 2126 work in your area?

Tracfone Camera Phone How it Works and How much it Costs
Tracfone Camera Phone now available. Take pictures with the Motorola C261 Camera Phone. What does it cost? How does it work?

How well does the Tracfone Nokia 1100 GSM Cell Phone Work?

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The Tracfone Nokia 1100 is one of the most Popular Prepaid Cell Phones.

Using the Tracfone Motorola-V170 Flip Phone
Motorola-V170 The finest new Tracfone Flip Phone with Color Display and No Roaming.

The Motorola-v60i Tracfone Flip Phone.
Rating the Motorola-v60i Tracfone Flip Phone, Is this the Best Prepaid Tracfone Cell Phone? The best Tracphone Prepaid Plan for your Motorola V60i.