T-Mobile Unlimited Text Messaging

T-mobile has been a leader in prepaid phones in the United States. T-Mobile Unlimited Text Messaging is the best deal in the US on unlimited prepaid texting. Most of the world uses the prepaid phone business model more than the contract model for cell phone usage. T-Mobile is one of the largest Cell phone providers worldwide.

Texting seems to have become one of the main pass times for our teens. With most cell phone plans it is an additional 5 cents up to 20 cents extra per text.

T Mobile Prepaid

There are three main types of Prepaid service with T-Mobile. There is Monthly service and there is PAYG (Pay as you Go) service. The Individual and Family plans now all have prepaid options also.

How to Get T-Mobile Unlimited Text Messaging

To get Unlimited Prepaid texting for $15 per month sign up for the BasicT-Mobile Prepaid Service Monthly plan. On the Website go to "Shop" and then "Prepaid." Check out T-Mobile Unlimited Text Messaging here.

The Basic Monthly Prepaid service is $15 per month and includes Unlimited texting.

If you use the phone for calling you will be charged 10 cents a minute with the basic monthly plan. This will come from your remaining account balance.

T-Mobile Unlimited Prepaid Texting

What is included with Unlimited Text?

Unlimited Texting includes regular text messages, picture, video in the United States. T-Mobile Unlimited Text does not include international text usage.

Keeping your Service Active

You will need to make sure you have at least a $15 balance in your add before your 30 days is up.

If you do not have enough money in your account when the monthly bill is due your service will go on hold. After sixty days of being on hold, the balance you have remaining will convert to the basic Pay as You go Plan.

You can go to your T-Mobile account and change your plan. If you have time left on your month of unlimited texting when you change to another plan or to PAYG service you will lose the remaining time on your monthly plan.

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T-Mobile Unlimited Prepaid Texting Phones

You can buy any of the T-Mobile Prepaid phones or use any unlocked T-Mobile phone. You will probably be able to get any unlocked GSM phone to work with a T Mob SIM. You can purchase just a T-mobile SIM card for $6.99.

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