T-Mobile-Letstalk Contract Cell Phone Purchase

Should I buy my Cell phone direct from T-Mobile or From T-Mobile-LetsTalk?

LetsTalk is the largest Online Cell Phone Vendor. They have gotten to be the largest by having the largest selection of phones available and providing great customer service and having the best prices on Cell phones. They can sell contracts and phones from T-Mobile, Cingular, Verizon, and most of the other major Cellular Companies

Save up to $100 with LetsTalk

Normally if you purchase through Letstalk instead of through the T-Mobile website you will save about $100. You will be able to get a much more expensive phone and you will pay between $50 and $100 less. If you buy a phone from online you can still go to your local T-mobile for service.

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REBATE fine Print

There is a lot of fine print in the Rebate terms. Before you send in for your rebate you must have service active for four months. Also you need to keep several parts of the paperwork from when you bought the phone. This is definitely worth doing. In about 20 minutes of fiddling around you can save yourself $50 to $100. My reccomendation is to get all the paperwork into one spot (I used the Phone Box) when you ge the phone and then write a sticky note and put it with your bills so you remember to send it in at the proper time. The $50 to $100 rebate you get back can buy some fun.

Free cell phones. Great rate plans.

The Monthly Rates are the same from either website or your local office. Normally online you won't have to pay the $35 activation fee.

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