How Straight Talk Rollover Works

Straight Talk Rollover is non existent. That is correct, Your service time, Minutes, texts Do Not roll over with either Straight Talk Plan.

Straight Talk Unlimited Roll Over

Straight Talk Unlimited minutes do not roll over. If you have 10 days left on your Unlimited plan and you add a new 30 day card you will only have 30 days of service left. The ten days you had remaining will not be added.

StraightTalk - Multiple Choice - B2S

Straight Talk All You Need Roll Over

The Straight Talk $30 per 30 day "All You Need Plan" does not roll over either. If you have 10 days left and 300 minutes left and you add a $30 card you will end up with 30 days of service and 1,000 minutes which is what you get with the $30 "All You Need" Card. Nothing rolls over with Straight Talk.

The Straight Talk Terms of Service are very clear. They say it several times that when you add an additional card all minutes, texts, data and service time remaining will be deleted.

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