How does Speed Dialing work?

Speed Dialing is very simple and it is often a little different with phones from different manufacturers.

To Speed dial (one-touch dial) with all the phones I have had you just hold the number down. If the speed dial number is "7", just hold down the "7". If the speed dial number is "19" push "1" then hold down the "9".

With some manufacturers the speed dial number is assigned when you save the contact(this was how my Motorola worked). With some manufacturers you need to assign the speed dial number to your saved contact (this is how my LG 3280 and my Nokia 2126 work).

On the LG 3280 you hit "Menu" then "Contacts" then "Speed Dials". Then the "Speed Dials" screen comes up. Move down to the speed dial number you want to assign to your contact and hit ok. Your contact list will now come up and you move to the contact and click OK. Your contact will now be assigned to that number.

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