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Compare Prepaid Cell Phones and Solo Build It. I have built this hobby website with the help of a company called Solo Build It. Ken Evoy, the originator of SBI, has a unique view on life and business. I would sum his philosophy up in one statement-- Honest Over Delivery.

Here is a link to the New SBI Video Tour. Sit back and watch this video. I believe you will find it quite interesting. It is designed to load on dialup or high speed access so it flows really well.

My Solo Build It Journey Starts

Alan Gardyne and Rupert Farrow SBI

The Article that got me totally involved with SBI is in SBI Sitesell Case Studies. About half way down the page I read the article by Alan Gardyne and Rupert Farrow about DJ Tips and Tricks. I could not believe that you could make money on such a small niche as DJ equipment. I read this article at least a half a dozen times. I also read the article about Used Computers. When I was frustrated with the progress of my site I went back and read them again.

SBI Results

I came across the SBI Proof page and I could not make a reasonable argument why not to do SBI. The SBI Proof Page with the websites in the top 1% of all site on the web that have been built using SBI by average Joes (or Jills) put me way over the top. This is just a small group of the websites built with SBI that are in the top 1%. This variety shows that SBI works on almost any kind of website you are interested in building. I have gone back and looked at the Proof page many times to see how other people have handled certain parts of the website building process.

Continuing Education

I am an over 50 attention deficit guy. I have learned a ton about websites and also about Cell phones from building this site. The growth in my knowledge (there is lots of room for knowledge growth left) that has occurred from building this website has been huge. It also has been a ton of fun watching how my pages come to rank on the different search engines. It has been a really fun game to build pages and watch them grow. Just watching the traffic is fun but watching a little money flow in really makes me grin.

Define Success

I started my hobby website with the goal of learning about the web and making some money from my online hobby. I figured if I could make $500 in a month that would be great for extra spending money. I thought the $300 for the website was a little expensive for web hosting but if SBI delivers on the education it might be worth it. I know that I can get hosting for $80-$100 a year from a bunch of different hosting companies. With the moneyback guarantee I thought I have nothing to lose.

SBI Website Success

My website is still just a tiny fish in the 59 million website pond but in my eleventh month it made almost twice as much money for the month as I had set a goal for. My goal was to have a month in the first year of over $500 income.

SBI Huge Success

Update: During my website's second year SBI made all of my house payments. I live in a nice 3 bedroom house in Montana. My part time hobby is paying for the roof over my head. Yes my site is a huge success to me.

The Value of SBI

I would gladly pay two or three times what SBI charges for their site (I hope Ken Evoy doesn't read this). It is worth way more than they charge.

Solo Build It Community

Here are some videos of other SBI site builders. There is a huge community of SBI'ers. There is a forum of site builders that is very active and extremely helpful. The forum is open to any SBI owner.

Old, young it doesn't matter. This shows some of the variety of SBI'ers out there. I hope you try it and enjoy the journey as much as I have.

Your next step? Go to the Solo Build It Home Page and buy it. The money back guarantee is prorated after the first month but in the first 30 days if you decide it is not for you, SBI will cheerfully refund your money.

The training material in SBI recommends to presell not to sell. Preselling means giving as much information as possible without hard selling. My last paragraph is way too pushy, but I am just such a believer in SBI.

This video is from Elad, another successful character from the SBI Community.

Here is a link to the SBI order page. I am glad I made the decision.

Here is to Your SBI Website Success,

SBI Website Success, The Simple Steps
SBI Website Success, the Simple Steps. Solo Build It will help you every step of the way. No one delivers Success like SBI.

Build A Hobby Website
Build a Hobby Website. Learn more about the web, your subject with a Solo Build It website.