Simple-Freedom-Wireless Flip Phone

Simple-Freedom-Wireless offers a Great Flip Phone.

The $67 Kyocera KX1 is a nice folding phone with dual displays. Dual displays include the little outside display which works great as a pocket watch/date and to let you know if the phone is on. The Color Screen inside is unusual on prepaid phones in this price range.

Prepaid Cell phones tend to be more expensive than Contract cell phones because with a contract they know you are going to pay them for years so they subsidize the phone price to get you to sign the contract.

Folding phones are a lot nicer because they do not accidentally dial when in a purse or pocket. This phone is lightweight with a nice feel to the buttons also.

Alltel and Cellular One

Alltell and Cellular One have recently merged and become one. This should increase the size of the Simple Freedom Alltel Network. Wal-Mart is thought to be at least a part owner of Simple Freedom.

Activate Simple Freedom Online and Save

If you activate your Simple Freedom phone online you will get 120 minutes free. If you activate your phone by calling 1-800-335-6401 you will only get 40 minutes.

Net10 is now the best Prepaid Cell Phone

Instead of the new lower Simple Freedom rate of 15 cents a minute Net10 minutes are 10 cents all the time. If you sign up for the Easy Minutes plan with NET10 you can get minutes for 7.5 cents. This is the best Pay as you Go cell phone per minute rate.

Check out the New Easy Minutes and get Net10 rates as low as 7.5 cents a minute.

Net10 Phone Sale! Save up to $30!


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