Saving Alltel Simple-Freedom-Phone Minutes

Check your Voicemail from a land Line

The first Simple-Freedom-Phone Minute Saving tip is to always check your voice mail from a land line. This is easy, if you turn your phone off and call, then your call automatically goes to the answering system. You put in your code and check your mail.

Don't answer when family and friends call-

No I'm not telling you to blow off all your friends and family. Call them right back on a land line if one is available.

Don't Check Your Voicemail at all?

Yup-In my voicemail I warn people that I do not check my voicemail but I will call them back by using caller ID. Then I actually call them back---well usually---.

Don't let your Access expire

If you let your access expire or totally run out of minutes you will lose the minutes you had left or the access you had left. When you do add more money to your account you will be assigned a new number. That can be a real pain.

Write down your Serial Number

Be sure to write down the serial number, phone number, and the toll free phone number of Alltel/Simple Freedom 1-800-335-6401 and keep it separate from your phone. Then if your phone is Lost or Stolen you can easily call and get it canceled.

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