Is Simple-Freedom-Alltel-U-Prepaid the Same?

No Simple-Freedom-Alltel-U-Prepaid are not the same company. It appears that Walmart and Alltel own the Simple Freedom system in a partnership or Wal-mart owns it completely.

According to a representative of Alltel, it is against company policy to change your Simple Freedom account into an Alltel U Prepaid account. Sometimes you can get an Alltel Customer Service representative to convert your Simple Prepaid phone to the new Alltel U Prepaid. In some of the forums people have said that they have been able to get Alltel customer service reps move their service to Alltel.

Buy Simple Freedom or Alltel U Prepaid

You can only buy Simple Freedom phones from Wal-Mart. You can purchase the Minute cards at the Simple Freedom website. Alltel-U-Prepaid can be bought at an Alltel store or online through FREE Alltel cell phone with FREE shipping.

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Old Alltel Prepaid Phone

If you have an old Alltel Prepaid Cellular phone you can convert it to the New Alltel U plan. Just drop by your local Alltel Store and they can get it Done. Not only are the minutes Cheaper and They don't expire, you only need to make one phone call a month to keep your service active.

For many users the New Alltel U Prepaid is the best Prepaid Cellular Plan available.

Simple Freedom New Rates

The new Rate for Simple Freedom phones is 15 cents per minute all the time. The old rate of 25 cents is no longer valid. Your balance left on your phone will now work at the new rate.

Net10 is a better deal than Simple Freedom

Instead of the new lower Simple Freedom rate of 15 cents a minute Net10 offers 10 cents a minute all the time.

Check out the New Easy Minutes from Net10 and get rates as low as 7.5 cents a minute.

Net10 Phone Sale! Save up to $30!

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