SBI Website Success Five Simple Steps

Your SBI Website Success, the simple steps

Step One
Start the SBI class on how to find the right size niche and a profitable niche with Brainstormer.

Step Two
After evaluating with SBI help, choosing your Niche and picking a site name.

Step Three
Build Content pages (500 to 1000 words usually) about your keyword and keyword phrases. In "Brainstorm It" you came up with a bunch of Keywords (subjects for a page to be built on).

Step Four
Build more content pages.

Step Five
Follow the SBI Action Guide. You may want to get ahead of the guide but don't. The time you spend working directly with the guide will pay off. If you follow the directions your SBI Website Success is virtually guaranteed.

It really is that simple. You will do a lot of research on your subject but that along with writing the articles is the fun part. Learning is what keeps us thinking.

You do not need to study CSS, PHP, algorithms, BNF, Parse, Java, Perl, Javascript, C++, unless that is what your website is about. I have no idea what any of these terms mean. You do not need to learn a programing language to succeed with SBI. In fact I believe you are more likely to succeed if you do not know a programming language.

I have learned a little bit of HTML. I regularly use about five HTML expressions. They are very simple and easy to learn. I learned these from Solo Build It.

This Video explains SBI very well, Beautiful scenery too.

Here is a link to the SBI order page.

I do not worry about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because Solo Build It does that for me. Every page as I build it I get ok'd by the "Analyze It" button in the SBI web page builder.

Why are SBI sites so successful at getting organic search traffic?

Organic search traffic is free traffic from search engines. When you type a search into Google and ten items come up on your screen, those are organic search results. The results that are on top but are in a different color or are down the right side of the page are Sponsored links (Google was paid for those results to be there).

Google wants the best pages relative to the search to come up in their organic results. Google does a lot of amazing things to try to make those results as relevant as possible. There are a lot of people trying to "Game" the system to get to the top of the Organic search results.

SBI is the opposite of "Gaming" the Google system. Eventually if you keep adding good content focused pages your site's pages will earn top organic search positions. The SBI pages are all designed to give good information about the keywords that you are trying to rank well for.

SBI is the answer for me. If you build your site the Solo Build It way your whole site will be content focused.

SBI Brainstormer will build you a list of Key words to target with your articles. This is done before you even start your site while you are in the evaluation stage. SBI Website Success.

Your pages and site will be keyword focused and will rise in the rankings.

As more of your web pages get better ranking then your whole website will seem to come up in the rankings. Some pages do not rise in the rankings but don't worry about it. Most of your pages will do quite well in time. Remember it does take time. Sometimes things move really fast for a while then they slow down. Keep building content. It took six months before many my pages started to climb in the rankings.

Do not over think this. It is really easy to get into the whole Internet Marketing World with all kinds of different "GURUS." It is way simpler and a better use of your time to build more content for your site. Do as Solo Build It teaches and SBI Website Success will follow.

Check out the SBI Website Success Results Page. No other website building company can show you anything like all the websites that have been built with SBI that are in the top 1% of websites in the world. The Results page pushed me over the edge when I was looking at SBI.

I remember after building about 30 pages when I got my first #1 keyword. It was really exciting. A page I built came up as number one for a keyword search. I have hundreds of keywords where I rank in the top five now but it is still really fun for me to see my pages at the top of a keyword search.

Most successful SBI'ers are just normal people looking to develop their hobby and or make a little money.

Many sites are hugely successful allowing their owners the freedom to retire or make major changes in their work and family life.

This video is from Elad, another successful character from the SBI Community.

Here is a link to the SBI order page.

Here is to Your SBI Website Success,

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SBI Website Success, The Simple Steps
SBI Website Success, the Simple Steps. Solo Build It will help you every step of the way. No one delivers Success like SBI.

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