Refurbished Tracfones

Refurbished Tracfones are only available online from the Website.

Refurbished Tracfones, How Well do They Work?

From my experience they work great. I have had and used at least eight different Tracfones for myself. I have sold several hundred refurbished Tracfones on eBay without problems. I had one refurbished Tracfone personally that quit working after a couple of weeks of use but Tracfone replaced it for free. They actually sent me a new Tracfone as a replacement, I think they were out of refurbished phones at the time.

I would recommend a Refurbished Cell Phone especially when you can usually get them for Free from the Tracfone website. Many times on the website you will get a $30 phone card with a refurbished phone for $30. In effect this is a free phone, also the refurbs usually come with DMFL. Do not buy a refurb Tracfone without DMFL.

The Best Refurbished Tracfones

The best working Tracfones that I have been able to get Refurbished are the Nokia 2126, Nokia 1100, Motorola V60i (no longer available), Motorola V176, and the Motorola V170.

The Best Tracphones

The Best GSM Tracfone would be a toss up between the Samsung T301 G, the LG 225, and the LG 420 folding Camera Phones. I have not yet seen any of these phones available as refurbished phones. Check for Refurbished Tracfones.

Refurbished NET10 Phones

NET10 is actually a division of Tracfone. The 10 cents per minute deal all the time is better than most the deals that Tracfone offers. Net 10 has just released some CDMA phones that work with Verizon or Alltel network but are not easy to find. All NET10 new and refurbished phones from the Net10 website come with 300 minutes when you activate them.

The Best Prepaid Cell Phone Deal

The NET10 Refurbished phone with the 600 minute card for $60 is the best deal in Prepaid cell phones. Yes you get the 600 minute card and the refurbished phone for $60. When you add the first three cards to the phone you will get an extra 100 minutes. This brings your cost per minute to well under 10 cents a minute with a FREE NET10 phone.
Net10 goes by the Moto "Pay as you Go Made Simple." They are ten cents a minute all the time. You can buy a 300 minute card for $30, a 600 minute card for $60 or a 1000 minute card for $100. The best deal is to buy a card that comes with a phone in the "Buy Phones" section of the website. "Net10 is the best value in prepaid" according to the Website.