How to Redeem Tracfone Airtime.

Tracfone has three methods you can use to Redeem Tracfone Airtime.

You can add Tracfone Minutes by calling 1-800-867-7183. It is best to do this from a land line or you will get charged minutes while you wait.

You can go online to the TracFone website and add the minutes there.

Now from the newer Digital Tracfones you can add it directly from the menu on your phone. Select Menu on your Tracfone. Then Select "Prepaid". Then go to "Add Airtime" and add the 15 digit PIN number that you scratched off on the back of your Tracfone Prepaid Phone Card. Now add the 5 digit Bonus Code. Usually within an hour the minutes will show up on your phone.

If you don't have a bonus code go to the Bonus Codes-for-Tracfone page.

I recently added a PIN number and a Bonus Promotional Code on my phone and I did not receive the bonus minutes. I called Tracfone Customer Service (from a land line) and they said the bonus code I was trying to use had expired. I gave them a different Bonus Promotional Code and they gave me the extra minutes.

I always use Tracfone Bonus codes. Often you will get 60 to 300 extra minutes when adding a Tracfone Card.

Check out my Tracfone Problems Page for helpful suggestions on dealing with Tracfone Customer Service.

60 Minute Tracfone Card