Motorola Razr-Prepaid Cell Phone

The Razr-Prepaid Phone is now available!! Motorola T-Mobile TO-GO, Cingular Prepaid, Alltel U Prepaid, and now Cricket offer the Razr.

The Best Selling Cell phone (Motorola Razr) in the United States is now available for Prepaid.

The Motorola Razor Prepaid comes in a couple of models. Alltel and Verizon use the older Basic CDMA Model (it will have a C after the model number). T-Mobile and Cingular are using the basic GSM model. ??

All of the Razors have advanced features such as video playback on the color screen, Bluetooth® wireless technology, a digital camera, quad band international connectivity (you can use the GSM phones on any network worldwide if you get it unlocked), and more.

Verizon Wireless and Razor Prepaid

With the Verizon prepaid service you can use a Verizon Razor as a prepaid phone. You can use any Verizon phone in their prepaid service except their Smartphones and Blackberrys. Verizon does not offer their Razors as part of their prepaid packages but you will have to purchase a Razr at full price or use one that is no longer tied to a Verizon contract

Razr by Motorola T-Mobile

T-Mobile Most Whenever Minutes


Razr-Prepaid Cingular-Go

as a Prepaid Cell Phone if you have been wanting one but didn't want to commit to a long term contract----HERE It is.

Save on cell phones & plans for the whole family.

Check out my Best-Prepaid-Cell plan page.

Prepaid Motorola Razr

Now you can have a Prepaid phone that doesn't look like it came from the last century. The image of most prepaid phones is now changing. The Razor is one of the most sought after Contract cell phones. It is an excellent design for Prepaid also. It has bluetooth and mini USB linking to your computer so you can download pictures or data to your computer.

Cricket Mobile Cellular has the new Motorola Razr

One of the best Prepaid Cellular companies to deal with if you use a lot of minutes is Cricket. Unlimited Texting, Picture Messaging and Calling for as low as $35 per month. Save $20 on the Motorola Razr with no signed contracts! Only available in certain parts of the country but If you can get Cricket in your area it is awesome especially with a Razr-Prepaid phone.

Quad band world phone (850/900/1800/1900 MHz), Bluetooth® wireless technology, Camera w/ 4x digital zoom, Video camera, Speakerphone, Voice-activated functions, Voice recorder.

The Motorola W370 and W375 from Net10

The Motorola W375 from Net 10 is the little brother to the Razr. It is one of the most popular Net10 phones. It has some of the feel of the Razr without the cost. It is one of the best values in the Net10 phone line. Get a Motorola W375 with 300 minutes and free shipping for only $39.99!

Motorola Razr next to the Motorola W375
Motorola Razr next to the Motorola W375