Prepaid-or-Contract Which is better for you?

Which has more advantages Prepaid-or-Contract cell service?

The advantages to Prepaid:

No contracts,
No monthly bills,
No credit checks,
No deposits,
No age limits,
Usually No activation fees,
No hidden costs and you just Pay as you go. Many Prepaid plans have a 30 day money back guarantee if the phone doesn't work well in your area or if you are not happy with it.

Advantages to Standard Long Term Cell Contracts

Fixed rates for minutes unless you go over your minimium
A huge variety of Phones and devices available.
Many features like Data, TV feeds, Email, Picture phones, are only available for long term Contracts.
Free calls to others in the same network in many plans.
Free calls to others in your plan.
Lots of minutes per month on some plans.
Free Phones, when you sign a 2 year contract you can get a Free with most Vendors

There are disadvantages to Prepaid also.

You usually have a higher cost per minute than you will get from a standard contract plan.
Some of the plans are only available in limited areas.
The phones often aren't as new in design as those available for Contract.
If you want to work with data downloads and picture messages they will not work on most prepaid plans.
If you use a lot of minutes per month,
If you want the latest coolest phone,
If you are on a good work group or family plan,
If you have a couple years left on your long term Contract that you cannot break.

Problems with Standard Long Term Cell Contracts

Long term contract--some of us hate long term contracts. I will gladly pay a little more to not sign a long term contract.
Many people have moved only to find the long term contract phone they are locked into has terrible or no reception in their new location. You are required to pay the contract even if you can't use it.
Credit checks--If you have bad credit or an unpaid old billyou might not be able to get a new contract.
Losing or breaking a contract phone--often the replacement phone will cost you a bundle.

Prepaid-or-Contract the choice is up to you. Prepaid-or-Contract Cell phone to Best Prepaid Cell Phone Page.