How Prepaid-Cricket Cell Phone Plan Works

Prepaid-Cricket is handled by Jump Mobile
This is Prepaid-Cricket's pay as you go plan. It charges 10 Cents per minute for Outbound calls including Long Distance anywhere in the US (excluding Alaska) and 69 Cents when you are roaming. In order to use roaming you must set it up with Cricket/Jump ahead of time.

Text Messages and Incoming calls are FREE.
This is really unique in prepaid. If you get a lot of calls but you don't dial out much it is even better.

Jump Mobile is a division of Cricket. You can find a link to them at the bottom of this comparison of Cricket phones.Cricket Wireless has a number of flexible cell phone plans. Which one is right for you?

$15: unused portion expires in 15 days
$25: unused portion expires in 25 days
$35: unused portion expires in 70 days
$50: unused portion expires in 100 days

Airtime may be added by buying cards

Prepaid-Cricket Jump is one of the best Prepaid plans.

All incoming calls Free along with free Text messaging and resonable rates especially if you pay in $35 or $50 increments. If you use a few or a lot of minutes this plan is the best. The only hitch is it is only available in limited areas.

Voice Mail
Voice mail message retrieval from your Jump phone will be charged at the rate of 10ยข per minute. Caller ID, Call Waiting, For Call waiting, per minute charges will be charged for both calls. Three-Way Calling, On three-way calls, airtime will be charged for all calls. Directory Assistance, Ringtones, Wallpaper, Games, Information, including weather.

Visit Prepaid-Cricket Phones and Wireless Plans - Shop Now, go to the bottom of the page and click on the "Jump Mobile" link.

Phone Availability
Currently their is only one phone available for Jump service but Cricket should have more available shortly.

Compare what you are going to spend on your Prepaid Jump phone. You must spend at least $50 every 90 days. If you are just putting in $30 every thirty days you are better off to go with Cricket unlimited service for $35 a month. Also there are a ton of really nice phones available from Cricket.